Divorce from the EU?

Perhaps the 'divorce' that is being played out is firstly between the two 'parties', of BREXIT v REMAIN, rather than between the UK and EU. Listening to the debates going on today in the UK, it is strikingly like being in a mediation, where both sides are allowed time to describe the world as it is for them, their frustrations, anger and what their main issues are. In this way, they are taking and demanding a political position and stance that is strong, but doesn't lead towards any resolution.

Hopefully, very hopefully, that's a necessary process to go through, before we describe to each other what are real needs are. It's only then that we, as a country, will understand what common ground we have (and there always is) and our common needs. Those needs that unite as all. It's only then that we can describe a vision that will unite us again. It's only then that we can agree, through a leadership that must emerge, the first resolutions and first steps that will reduce the massive dissatisfaction, and help us all move into a new, positive, collaborative era.

Perhaps, in the end, no leader from either party will serve divorce papers. Or when they do, they will be clear about the step that is being taken, and where it leads.

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